Month: August 2016

The PTB is Part of the Poptropica Bloggers Network!

Hi peoples, CB here. Today I will tell you more about the Poptropica Bloggers Network. First of all, the PTB is part of it! The PBN’s goal is to give your Poptropica blog more exposure, and to make it well known. Here’s a list of the blogs in the PBN:


Cuddly Knuckle’s Poptropica Blog:

Friendly Whale’s Blog:

Poptropica Fun Zone:

Poptropica Skunk Blog:

Poptropica Tips For Poptropicans:

Short Feather’s Pop-Up:

Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog:

Our blog: The Poptropica Times:

Also check out the PBN website:

Check out every blog showcased in this post, they’re amazing! That’s it for today’s post everybody, I hope you all enjoyed it!


Poptropica Blog Network

Yo guys, Red here and welcome back to another post. So this is gonna be quick because we are working really hard for a schedule so yeah. So you are probably wondering what the PBN or Poptropica Blog Network is. So it is a group of bloggers who do~~~~ you know what, here is a link, see for youself. Welp, I guess that is all for me, CB will post for info on it soon so be prepared for it. Ciao guys. Stay sweet!

Who’s that Poptropican ROUND 2!!!

Hello everyone! (I really need an intro!) This is MX with “Who’s that Poptropican ROUND 2!Who'sdat

If you’re new to this, the concept is pretty simple. I will show you 5 pictures of random Poptropicans. then in the comments, you can guess who they are!

Without further a-do, LET’S START!

HappyLobster                                         MightyGamer

PurpleClaw                             Samwow


And now for the answers to Last Round!

  1. Cuddly Knuckle
  2. Ultimate iPad Expert/Paul
  3. None other than Me! (MariotropicaX)
  4. Slanted Fish
  5. Tall Cactus

Well, I guess you guys can tell that I made Round 1 at bit easy, But it will get tougher!

And the all the winners of Round 1 got all the Poptropicans right. Here they are!

The Mad Feather

Tall Cactus

Friendly Foot

Brave Hero

Congratulations guys! Be sure to make your guess in the Comments!

This has been MX. Remember to Do the Dab, and THROW UP THE X!!!



I Have No Ideas

Yo guys, Red here, and I’m here with a boring update post about the randomness of being random! So my friend monkey made a post yesterday, she will be posting from my account on this blog a lot. So yeah, she posted a post, CB posted a post a little while ago about short feather’s stuff that might be a glitch. We have been working on a schedule that we will get to you. Bye guys!

– art by Brave Hero