Red Rider

I Am Red!!!!

Hey guys, what’s up. I am Red Rider! I am a new author on The Poptropica Times, if you can’t tell. Since I am here I thought I could tell you people a bit about me.

How I Met Poptropica!!

We start off with how me and Poptropica met and fell in love. I am gonna say from now that if there are any spelling mistakes, I am typing on a stupid computer so yeah. It was was a normal day at the library when I saw somebody playing Poptropica. If you read the PHB then you know that almost everyone found out about Poptropica through fun brain. I didn’t! I just saw someone playing it. I had made five accounts before I found Red Rider! That is the only account I use now. The sad part is that I only completed 5 islands.

Other Stuff

Other games I play beside Poptropica is my favorite game – Minecraft. I love Minecraft but since this is a Poptropica blog I will only talk about Poptropica. I am a girl (because on the PHC people thought I was a boy) Hope you enjoined my first post. Leave a like and a comment. Bye Guys and Stay Sweet! Bye!!!


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