Adventures In Poptropica #1 Blimp Disaster

     What’s popping everyone? Brave Hero here, and this is the first “Adventures In Poptropica” story. I hope you enjoy the first one. I tried to make it as good as possible, so bear with me on this story. Ok, here we go. 

Straightens notes cards and clears throat

    Waking up from bed, I joyfully ate my breakfast. Today was the first day I’m going to fly my blimp with my sister, Hyper Stomper. My parents finally think I’m old enough to fly my blimp! It was so exciting! “Come on Hyper!” I told her when she woke up. “Hurry up and put on your hat!” “Ok, ok, be patient Mr. Burger!” Hyper replied, struggling with her hat.  I made a face. I hated it when Hyper calls me Mr. Burger.


    After combing my hair and putting on my lipstick, I grabbed my backpack (inventory) and rushed outside to my new blimp. It was golden and awesome! Hyper trudged along with her backpack.  Climbing up the rope, I thought of the fun things we could do with my blimp. Maybe we can go to the beach or fight some monsters.  There was just so many things to do!

    I untied the rope that held my blimp and we flew off.  I waved to my parents and my little brother, Mad Eel, as we set off on my very first journey. Hyper was fussing around her bag and found her “Cake Throw” card from the Nine Lives Ad. I wasn’t paying attention to what Hyper might do, reading the map. Suddenly, Hyper threw a cake at me and the map.  “Ack!” I shrieked, suddenly losing balance. Before I had time to wipe the cake off me and and the map, a giant gust of wind came, making the blimp jerk, and I fell off.  “Brave!” Hyper screamed. But then the giant gust of wind came again, knocking Hyper off the blimp too.


    Ok, I’m going to end the story here now, just for suspense.  If you guys want to see what happens to me and Hyper, you better wait for #2.  I know, this was just 3 paragraphs or something, but maybe in #2 I might lengthen it. Hope you enjoyed the story. Please give a like and/or follow this blog!

B.H. Out! Flies off


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