The Poptropica Times Chat!

Hello Everyone! This is MX with a quick Post!


I Recently (VERY) Created a new server, for this Blog on Discord! I call it, The Poptropica Times Chat! You can talk to anyone, about anything! The Rules are,

  • No Swearing, Cursing, Mature Talk, of Spamming (unless on Blah)
  • Do not ask to be a higher level Please.
  • Don’t put anyone down.

Here are the channels, and what they are about!

  • Poptropica. Talk about anything Poptropica!
  • Main. Talk about anything you want!
  • Blah. Spam all you want, and post all the Memes you want!
  • Help. You can ask for help with anything, like school, Homework, and Poptropica.
  • Tribes. You can talk about the Poptropica tribes!

The link to the Chat is right here.

Have fun on the Chat! MX, Signing off!


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