Pokèmon Go?!?

Hey guys, Red here bringing you a post at midnight eastern time! That is my reason for spelling mistakes. So if you didn’t know, the rave is all about Pokemon Go. It has been out for less than a month and has already made millions apon millions of dollars just from in app purchases! That is amazing! But as you know, pokèmon go has lost lives (is that true?) and made people cry. The thing is, this is the persons fault (not the crying part 😭) because the weren’t paying attention to their surroundings. So my sources say (they aren’t true I just wanted to talk about this game) that the creators are gonna make an island out of it! That will be awesome! Ok guys, hope you enjoyed my midnight post, don’t forget to leave a like and a comment. Stay Sweet! 💝

PS- that isn’t true but it would be cool if they did, I wanted to talk about Pokemon go but I’m part of poptropica blogs so I thought “Red, make a Pokemon island come true maybe” so that’s that, Bye!


15 thoughts on “Pokèmon Go?!?

  1. Urghhhhh I don’t get why Pokemon Go is so famous… I mean Niantic really could have made a Harry Potter Go or a Star Wars Go and it would have been WAY more popular.. I guess I’m weird…but it is unsafe.. not in the sense that people can get lost.. but before the update it was possible that Pokemon Go got hacked since quite a few people who got the app were hacked… Eh it’s just my opinion.. I guess I rant… A lot…😂

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  2. I don’t know much about Pokemon Go that much, but I’ve seen People roaming the Streets with their head in their Phone. I pretty much knew they were playing PGO. I had I little Pokemon reference in my Who’s that Poptropican Logo. Can you find it?:)


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