My New Seris With Bad Spelling?!?

Made by Red Thunder, thanks man!

Is that how you spell series, maybe, no? Probably not but just go with it. Hey guys, Red here and welcome back for another post! So I’m thinking about starting a series for a certain day of the week but we all know how that goes. You start then you start doing it on the wrong day. As fans, you people get to pick what day. Also, I think I’m gonna make it a meme thing or an art thing or you guys could send in stories that I will use on my posts, but they gotta have at least 20 misspelled words. Maybe I’ll do both on different days, hmm. Well, you get to choose the day(s) and what is should do on the day(s). Well, that was a short post, hope you enjoyed leave a like and a comment YouTube time! Stay sweet! Bye!

PS- italics are my thoughts just so you know!


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