Going On Vacation!

Hey guys, Red here. So if you read my last post you know that Short Feather had a theory that poptropilus might sink and we still don’t know if that’s true or not but I’ll tell you more on that later! So I am going to Newport on Sunday, I’ll still post but I won’t be as active on the PHC and the PTC and all the other servers. If you need me while I’m gone, just DM me or do @RedRiderYT If you want!

Ok guys, that’s it for now. Not, so back to poptropilus sinking. Short feather tells us that it is getting worse, look out on the PHB to see if short feather and orange shell do their guest post, if they don’t get it on the PHB, it may end up here! This is the official end, hope you enjoyed, leave a like and a comment. Stay sweet guys! Bye!


8 thoughts on “Going On Vacation!

    1. I think you mean marshie not hmarhie lol… but about the whole ‘poptropolis’ thing I actually don’t see a difference. My friend and I were playing the island just today together and the island was shaking and raining but… It always does that. I need tried on my different accounts and still… Even my sister remembers the island being shaky and since she’s in college now, the last time she played was in like 5th grade! (Although I still play it) so I don’t anything will be happening soon…


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