What’s Popping Poptropicans?

What’s popping poptropican, it’s Red here with another post! You’re wondering why the title is what’s popping and why I said what’s popping in the beginning. Well that is because I have a story, a loooooong story. So if you didn’t know, everyone who plays poptropica (almost everyone) discovered it through funbrain. What the heck is funbrain?!?! Yeah so if you didn’t know, I discovered it though a couple of kids at the library. Now I know what you are thinking, Red, were the kids a couple, they were not. Then I started playing the game and I forgot what I started out as put I will tell you people in the comments when I find out! So I’d like to say that almost every poptropican who has a blog says- what’s popping poptropicans. But I’m not like other people, I am abnormal. Now I know what you are thinking, Red do you mean to say you have magical powers?!? Sorry to disappoint you, I don’t have abnormal powers, I’m just weird. I am different, both that many friends, the crazy in my group of friends, even the weird one on discord, and my dad calls me a dork. (Life lesson time). Just be you, don’t let anyone give you a tag, if anything, give yourself your own tag. Don’t be anyone else, but you! Stay sweet, bye guys!💝


5 thoughts on “What’s Popping Poptropicans?

  1. Oh my gosh at first I thought the title said “what’s Pooping Poptropicans” lololol yeah your not the only one who found it through something other than Funbrain my sister showed it to me. 😂


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