Introduction: Cuddly Brain

What’s going on guys, my name is Anthony, or Cuddly Brain, and today I was invited by MariotropicaX to become an author on this blog. I am also friends with White Ice and Red Rider.
Hello, I’m Cuddly Brain, but you can call me CB, Captain Cuddly, CC, or simply, Anthony. I’m a young Poptropica player who has always wanted to be an author on a Poptropica blog. A month ago, I started to go on Discord, comment on the PHB, and read more Poptropica blogs. This has all brought me to where I am today. I am also currently an author on another blog, please consider reading it. Here’s the link:
My favorite foods are pizza and chicken breasts. The other games I play other than Poptropica are Minecraft and Pokemon Go.
And by the way I’m going on vacation from the 19th to the 21st so I won’t be posting I might be able to squeeze in a little post while I’m not busy.
I’ll see you guys again soon, thanks for reading! And as always keep calm and Cuddly Brain on. ❤️💬


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