Who’s that Poptropican ROUND 2!!!

Hello everyone! (I really need an intro!) This is MX with “Who’s that Poptropican ROUND 2!Who'sdat

If you’re new to this, the concept is pretty simple. I will show you 5 pictures of random Poptropicans. then in the comments, you can guess who they are!

Without further a-do, LET’S START!

HappyLobster                                         MightyGamer

PurpleClaw                             Samwow


And now for the answers to Last Round!

  1. Cuddly Knuckle
  2. Ultimate iPad Expert/Paul
  3. None other than Me! (MariotropicaX)
  4. Slanted Fish
  5. Tall Cactus

Well, I guess you guys can tell that I made Round 1 at bit easy, But it will get tougher!

And the all the winners of Round 1 got all the Poptropicans right. Here they are!

The Mad Feather

Tall Cactus

Friendly Foot

Brave Hero

Congratulations guys! Be sure to make your guess in the Comments!

This has been MX. Remember to Do the Dab, and THROW UP THE X!!!




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