Pokèmon Go

A wild Red colored Rider comes into the field. Yo guys, Red here said calmly and if you can tell I am super super amazed and excited and happy and hyped! Ok, it doesn’t seem like it but I am. So you guys remember that post I made about the joke that pokèmon go coming to poptropica? Well the PHB just said this (not exact words) pokèmon go has come to pop. Well those ain’t the exact words but still. It’s like they read the post I made! I know most of you ain’t excited but I am so don’t bring me down. YAY. And the best part is I just went out to play this morning. Hope you guys are as happy as I am. Be sure to leave a like and a comment (I am practicing for my YouTube career) and I’ll see you guys next time. Gotta catch them all. BYE!👋


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