Waddup peoples, it’s CB with a quite quick post. Let’s just say the Creators have gone a bit crazy with credits…

So yeah, here are the totals of credits and types of island completions:

First time finish (Island of the Month): 500 Credits

First time finish (any other island): 300 Credits

One replay (Island of the Month): 300 Credits

One replay (any other island): 100 Credits

It seems like the Creators are letting the new players get started by buying everything they want or something. Still Creators, isn’t this too much?

Well, that’s it.


4 thoughts on “TOO MANY CREDITS!!!

  1. I think it kind of gets the people who just start the game keep it. Like if they get this much credits it kind of gets them excited to get more making them keep the game.

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  2. i feel so jealous everyone is on a blog except me 😦
    reasons why i can’t make a blog
    1. i am super occupied and i would never post anything if i did a blog alone
    2. even if i did did invite people to my blog i would the author of it and the author is kinda expected to post alot but if i joined a blog that would work

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