Sup Bruh

Hello, it’s Halloween hater making a Halloween post. I know, I am da main Halloween hater but ya know, haven’t posted in a while. So, crazy things have come to pop (I haven’t) and the creators gave us an awesome sneak peak. A WOOOOOOOOOOOOOORM! Yay. So anyway, all that happened and now it’s Halloween (soon) and they gave us stuff. I don’t have pictures because I suck but ya know. Yeah. Meanwhile in the blogging universe, TC has evil robutts (auto corrected to donuts?!?) coming to kill us on the 31th and SF is having a party on the 30th. The PHB is have a costum contest and I’m not going trick or treating this year. Wait, that wasn’t blog related. Anyway, I’m gonna end this post with my costum so I guess that’s it for this post, Ciao!


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