Month: November 2016

How bout dem COWBOYS!!!!!

Hello fellow people and I would like to saw THIS BLOG IS NOT DEAD!!!! I’m sorry for being inactive, but hey, We’ve all done it. troll

Also I’d like to say I WON FISHY’S CONTEST!!!!!!! It was you had to say your favorite store Item, and Fishy randomly picked someone to win a secret promo code! And in not so new news Poptropica has snapchat, and the Poptropica dog is all the rage!

Most of you may not care bout NFL, but i’d like to say, HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!!

Image result for dallas cowboys

8-1 BABY!!!

This has been MX. MX OUT!




Hello Red said calmly

If you didn’t know (HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW?!?) the presidential debate has just finished up and the results are in, AND WE HATE THE RESULTS. I’m sure all the trumpists (name for trump supporters made by me) are jumping with joy because the Donald Trump won the race! And we should all hate that! Ok. Hope you guys are as mad as we are and yeah. I have no words except- AMERICA WILL PROBABLY DIE. Ok guys, bye 👋