Month: April 2017


Oh my gosh, I TROLLED YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! I can’t believe you guys bought it for two reasons. 1. THE POST WAS ON APRIL 1ST! 2. This conversation:


So many of you guys said you were so sad, and I kinda felt bad, but no need to be sad! I would never abandon this blog, especially because its only been around since AUGUST 9TH! I thought for sure you guys would say it was a prank, but nobody did. This was awesome.


Psst…. My birthday is on Friday the 7th.




Hi guys, this is MX and its not a joke. This blog hasn’t had a single post for three months because I’ve been busy. And this isn’t even close to how busy I’ll be in the future. So this has led to my decision. I am officially shutting down the Poptropica Times. It really pains me to do this, but there is another option. If any one is interested, I just might give the leadership of this blog to them. Please tell me on discord or in the comments if interested. AND FOR THE FINAL TIME, This has been MX. Ciao.

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