Author: Red Rider

Happy Holidays

Yo wassup, it’s ya girl Red. So it’s a little to late but I just wanna say happy holidays. Happy Hanukkah (it’s still Hanukkah), Merry Christmas (to late), and Happy Kwanzaa (to early?). So ya guys. Happy holidays from all of us at the Poptropica Times and I’ll cya all later. Byyyeeee



Hello Red said calmly

If you didn’t know (HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW?!?) the presidential debate has just finished up and the results are in, AND WE HATE THE RESULTS. I’m sure all the trumpists (name for trump supporters made by me) are jumping with joy because the Donald Trump won the race! And we should all hate that! Ok. Hope you guys are as mad as we are and yeah. I have no words except- AMERICA WILL PROBABLY DIE. Ok guys, bye 👋


YOOOOO!!!!!! It’s RedR and today I’m writing a blog post in SCHOOL!!! I’m ashamed. I’m sorry world but I have to do this. So nothing’s happening on the world of Poptropica. I am thinking of doing an interview everything Saturday so I need info from friends. I guess that’s it because I am in school and all my friends can’t believe it because I’m usually the good kid in class and my friend is trying to make me jealous by showing me makeup (TO YOUNG) but makeup is stupid so yeah and now makeup girl is texting me. And my other friend who is absent is also texting me. I gotta go before I get caught. Ciao guys. 👋

Sup Bruh

Hello, it’s Halloween hater making a Halloween post. I know, I am da main Halloween hater but ya know, haven’t posted in a while. So, crazy things have come to pop (I haven’t) and the creators gave us an awesome sneak peak. A WOOOOOOOOOOOOOORM! Yay. So anyway, all that happened and now it’s Halloween (soon) and they gave us stuff. I don’t have pictures because I suck but ya know. Yeah. Meanwhile in the blogging universe, TC has evil robutts (auto corrected to donuts?!?) coming to kill us on the 31th and SF is having a party on the 30th. The PHB is have a costum contest and I’m not going trick or treating this year. Wait, that wasn’t blog related. Anyway, I’m gonna end this post with my costum so I guess that’s it for this post, Ciao!