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Adventures in Poptropica #2 Early Poptropica

     Hey Poptropicans! Brave Hero here, and this is #2 of my fanfiction series! This time, I made it longer, so don’t just skim the whole story.  Ok, enough talking, let’s get on with the story.


    “Ouch!” I landed on my face straight onto some pavement. Weakly, I got up, bruised and hurt.  I never knew this would happen. I’m lost far away from my family, and my sister was probably hurt too.

    “Woah, someone fell from the sky!” A stranger called out. A little crowd of people surrounded me. They said many things, like “Is she ok?” and “Does she need help?” “I’m alright everyone.” I told them.  I talked to some people, and I found out that I landed in an island called Early Poptropica.  I also found out that there were some people across Main Street that need help. I decided to check it out to see if I can help.

    Going right, I was in a village, and in that village was some pixelated Poptropicans.  The first one greeted me. I talked to the others. They said that they lost their pig, bucket, and flag.  I decided to check in the well for their stuff. In the well, I was in the Storage Cavern. I looked around for their stuff, but no luck. What I did find was a glowstick.  “This could be useful somehow.” I said, putting it in my backpack.

    Getting out of the well, I went back to Main Street to find the stuff. I saw that the drain lid was open. I climbed in, and landed on a platform with a darkly dressed girl. “I hope you’re not afraid of spiders.” she said. “What spiders?” I replied. Suddenly, a spider landed on my face. “AHHHHHHHHH!!!!” I screamed. “GET IT OFF ME!”  I kept running and landing on platforms until I landed on a floor with a pig. After a few tries, I finally got the spider off my face.  “The pig!” I said happily, taking the pig and carrying him in my backpack.  I then found a tunnel, so I decided to go in. When I was about to walk, I came face to face with a huge green spider. I jumped ten feet into the air, and ran right into the tunnel.

    After I crossed the tunnel, there was a big maze. It was dark, so I grabbed my glowstick out of my backpack.  After a lot of running and jumping, I found a huge golden egg!  It could be big enough to make one giant omelette!  Then, I kept looking for the stuff. That’s when I came across some ropes. I climbed them, and I ended up on Poptropica Towers.  I then saw a vine in the Rooftop Restaurant.  I jumped on the windows of the towers and on the statue to reach it. I climbed the vine.

    I was in the sky after I climbed the vine.  I walked until I ran into a giant pair of feet.  I realized that it was a giant.  “Excuse me sir,” I said. “Could you lift up your spiky weapon to let me pass?”  “Sorry, I can’t.” the giant said. “Unless you give me something I need, I won’t let you pass.”  “How about this?” I replied, handing him the giant egg.  “Because you have brought me that which I need, I lift my club and you may proceed.” the giant said, lifting his weapon.  I crossed it and I was in the giant’s garden. Crossing the gardening tool and the vine, I found the bucket beneath the huge vegetables.  “I just need to find the signal flag.” I said to myself.  Going right, I was in the Aircraft Graveyard.  I hopped on the planes and cans and found a jetpack. I equipped the jetpack, and I flew back to the garden. Beside the shovel was a hole.

    I went through the the hole, and I landed onto the water tower at Main Street.  On top of the tower, was the signal flag! “Yes!” I pumped my fists, and grabbed the flag.  I went back to the village and returned the stuff. The villagers must be very happy to have their belongings back.  In the distance, a ship came and docked on the island, with another pixelated person.  “Thank you for returning the signal flag. Take this gold medallion as a token of my appreciation.”

    “OMZ, thanks!” I said. I was so proud of myself. I got my very first medallion! It was so exciting. I also got 150 credits, which would be perfect for going to the Twins Palm Mall to spend it. Unfortunately, my blimp and my sister Hyper is still lost, so I had to stay here for a while.  The townspeople gave me a place to stay in and food.  As I laid in bed, I worried about my sister. Where could she be?  She’s probably lost and hungry and alone. I even thought that she might be dead!  I really missed the fun times we had together. I also regretted the lost of my blimp. My beautiful blimp, lost somewhere. I was so upset that I cried the whole time I slept. 

I was so upset! 😭

     This is the end of #2 of “Adventures In Poptropica!” Hope you guys like it!  If you do, please give a like and/or follow us!  That would be most appreciating! Stick around for #3 of “Adventures In Poptropica.”

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Adventures In Poptropica #1 Blimp Disaster

     What’s popping everyone? Brave Hero here, and this is the first “Adventures In Poptropica” story. I hope you enjoy the first one. I tried to make it as good as possible, so bear with me on this story. Ok, here we go. 

Straightens notes cards and clears throat

    Waking up from bed, I joyfully ate my breakfast. Today was the first day I’m going to fly my blimp with my sister, Hyper Stomper. My parents finally think I’m old enough to fly my blimp! It was so exciting! “Come on Hyper!” I told her when she woke up. “Hurry up and put on your hat!” “Ok, ok, be patient Mr. Burger!” Hyper replied, struggling with her hat.  I made a face. I hated it when Hyper calls me Mr. Burger.


    After combing my hair and putting on my lipstick, I grabbed my backpack (inventory) and rushed outside to my new blimp. It was golden and awesome! Hyper trudged along with her backpack.  Climbing up the rope, I thought of the fun things we could do with my blimp. Maybe we can go to the beach or fight some monsters.  There was just so many things to do!

    I untied the rope that held my blimp and we flew off.  I waved to my parents and my little brother, Mad Eel, as we set off on my very first journey. Hyper was fussing around her bag and found her “Cake Throw” card from the Nine Lives Ad. I wasn’t paying attention to what Hyper might do, reading the map. Suddenly, Hyper threw a cake at me and the map.  “Ack!” I shrieked, suddenly losing balance. Before I had time to wipe the cake off me and and the map, a giant gust of wind came, making the blimp jerk, and I fell off.  “Brave!” Hyper screamed. But then the giant gust of wind came again, knocking Hyper off the blimp too.


    Ok, I’m going to end the story here now, just for suspense.  If you guys want to see what happens to me and Hyper, you better wait for #2.  I know, this was just 3 paragraphs or something, but maybe in #2 I might lengthen it. Hope you enjoyed the story. Please give a like and/or follow this blog!

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My new fanfiction! 📚

     What popping everyone? Brave Hero here, and I have some very awesome news for you. You probably already know, from the title, that I’m going to start a fan fiction series! It’s all going to be based on my adventures in Poptropica. It is called “Adventures In Poptropica.”  This first one should come out soon, so make sure you check the blog for it.

     This is all I can reveal about the series, so you better wait for the first one. Bye for now!

Brave Hero

Hey Poptropicans! My name is Brave Hero, and I am the new author of this blog.  I’m an 11 year old girl who loved Poptropica for many months.  Drawing is also my passion, and math and science is a yes yes to me!  I’m so excited to contribute to this new blog!

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