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Introduction: Cuddly Brain

What’s going on guys, my name is Anthony, or Cuddly Brain, and today I was invited by MariotropicaX to become an author on this blog. I am also friends with White Ice and Red Rider.
Hello, I’m Cuddly Brain, but you can call me CB, Captain Cuddly, CC, or simply, Anthony. I’m a young Poptropica player who has always wanted to be an author on a Poptropica blog. A month ago, I started to go on Discord, comment on the PHB, and read more Poptropica blogs. This has all brought me to where I am today. I am also currently an author on another blog, please consider reading it. Here’s the link:
My favorite foods are pizza and chicken breasts. The other games I play other than Poptropica are Minecraft and Pokemon Go.
And by the way I’m going on vacation from the 19th to the 21st so I won’t be posting I might be able to squeeze in a little post while I’m not busy.
I’ll see you guys again soon, thanks for reading! And as always keep calm and Cuddly Brain on. ❤️💬


Hello World and Hiring Authors!

This is the beginning of something beautiful. Hello World! This is The Poptropica Times! The Poptropica Times

Hello everyone! I’m MariotropicaX, also known as MX. You can call me anything you want! 😀 I love Mario, Poptropica, and the Dallas Cowboys! I also work on the Cuddly Knuckle Blog! It’s a really awesome blog, so check it out! If you would like to be a Author on this blog, please ask in the comments! We really need authors! I really want to thank Cuddly Knuckle and Purple Claw! I’d also like to thank EVERYONE!

This has been MX. Goodbye!