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New Item Cards: Real, or Leaked?

What’s going on guys, my name is Anthony or Cuddly Brain, and today those unreleased store items that Spotted Dragon had posted about a week ago, and those cards are here. Or are they? Short Feather says that it could be a leak, but we have no information at the moment. All the cards are free, get them while you can before it’s patched.(or not) The cards consist of  White Out, Loon’s Head Cane, Stun Baton, Amazonian Woman, Secret Society Trooper, Navy Captain, and Skakespeare in Love. (Note: Amazonian Woman is only for girls.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Comment below what your favorite card is, (mine is White Out) and what you think about them! I’ll see you guys again soon, thanks for reading! And as always, keep calm and Cuddly Brain on.